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Biggin & Scott Go LIVE With HomeSpace.Solutions

Biggin & Scott Go LIVE With HomeSpace.Solutions

We have had a strong response from agencies wanting to re-subscribe to the HomeSpace Smart App and take up our offer to waive the costs of setting up its payment gateway.
An especially big welcome to Biggin & Scott who are now live with all 32 offices streaming property information to their customers and using the other powerful functions of HomeSpace.

  • Live updates - price changes, etc. automated from your uploader
  • Section 32 request - Automated email sent to agent
  • Sales Enquiry -Automated email sent to agent
  • Rental Enquiry -Automated email sent to agent
  • Rental Form - PDF sent to agent
  • Inspection Booking - Automated email sent to agent. Attendees recorded against listing.
  • Check-in - Automated email sent to agent. Attendees tracked and mapped.

From September the 10th we will start closing down access to the HomeSpace Smart Apps for those agencies who have not re-subscribed.
Our concern is that the traditional and important community service offered by agents is facing the challenges of:

  • The new Victorian Government legislation regarding under pricing
  • Severe disruption by external competitors like Amazon to the existing agency business model
  • Maintaining market share against these competitors

We believe it is essential that each agency office addresses these challenges by:

  • Streamlining their interactive relationships with customers and potential customers
  • Taking control of all data flowing to and from the property transaction
  • Becoming more efficient in delivering these services, such as improved staff productivity and reduced software costs.
  • Commercialising your relationship with third party providers, such as Connection Providers, Mortgage Brokers, local traders and home services

It is critical for those agencies who want to take control of their business and meet the challenge of new competition that they tap the button below and complete the form to pay by credit card or reply to accounts@homespace.solutions with your preferred BSB and Account details along with authorisation to set up the Direct Debit.
Those who don’t move quickly will have to pay a $500 reinstatement fee for their offices Smart App and another $500 to activate the payment gateway.