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Amazon is getting in on the real estate game!.

Amazon is getting in on the real estate game!.

The team at HomeSpace Solutions want you to know about the following Financial Review article about Amazon’s entry into selling real estate.  See the following link:


How will this work?  With Amazon’s market loyalty, vendors will simply list on the Amazon site at a click of a button.  
Amazon will distribute these listings to registered brokers within geographical regions, just as Uber does with its drivers.  Commissions will be set by Amazon and the agents’ time spent opening a home could be compensated by an hourly rate negotiated by the vendor.  Amazon will completely control the other suppliers’ related to property sales, which currently provide agents with complementary revenue. 
Reporting of price changes and property selling prices will happen through Amazon’s Website and the industry will lose control of its property sales data.

When this happens, the personal service provided by the real estate industry to the community over many, many years will be heavily disrupted.  The traditional property sales processes will become impersonal, and our industry will be seriously, financially affected.

Experts are telling us that the way to rebuff Amazon’s overwhelming presence is to make clients even more central to your business strategy, to integrate and streamline your business processes so they become more efficient and more competitive against Amazon’s virtual presence in the industry.

HomeSpace.Solutions Smart App technology provides the answer to this critical challenge by enabling a direct link to each customer and the relevant property, in real time with relevant, live information flowing to them.  Your clients can make inspection bookings, check-in to the property, view Section 32s, and receive live property movement messages, including price changes.  For rentals, your clients can automatically pay their rent through HomeSpace.
Our technology collects and integrates all this data so your office has a continuous report on the activities of the real estate process for each property and for all your potential clients.  HomeSpace has been likened to a CRM ‘on steroids’.  What this means is that you have full control over your client and potential client data base.  Because the data is integrated, you can make administrative changes in your office processes to significantly reduce costs.

Amazon will never be able to achieve this because it takes a broad Web based approach to the industry and will use agents that don’t have continuous relationships with their clients.

So, ask your ‘Directors and Officers in Effective Control’ about these pending disruptions and what strategies’ they plan to put in place to maintain your business and protect the industry.


HomeSpace Team